Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Emerging Communication Technology

The technology is called Google Glass, which is a wearable computer.
Google glass also known, as Project Glass is a pair of glasses reveals data in a tablet-no hand form, and can interact online by speaking to it.
            Google Glass can be used for and endless number of things, but for starters it will be mainly used for communication. I think communication will be the main use for this piece of technology with the raise of social networking site this will further increase the need for interacting with friends, family, and co-workers. Other things it can be used for is handling business. If you are always connected to the Internet with you phone imagine having a wearable pair of glasses on your face at all times.
            This technology matters because it gives a different feel to the online experience, when the online experience first started off as a desktop. Then moved to a laptop, and more recently smart phones. This new 3d online experience is the future. Another reason its matters is because you will have unlimited information at a instant. You will be able to find out answer to your question as soon as there being ask with the voice command.
            This technology will last because the people that have it will be a few steps ahead of the people that don’t. the people with Google glass won't have to pull out there smart phone and type, on their device it will all ready be in use and there information will be steaming instantly form voice command
Mr. Thompson says he thinks the coming generation of smart glasses will offer unusual benefits, too, as apps are written that let them display not just texts, e-mail and newsfeeds, but also a range of useful data alongside what people are actually viewing in the real world. Mechanics peering into a car engine to repair a carburetor, for example, might see a virtual page from a manual or a computer animation explaining which part should be adjusted, and by how much. <} This paragraph came from this link
The problem with Google Glasses, says Takahito Iguchi, is that they're not cool. He has a point. There's already a website dedicated to sightings of "Glassholes" – people wearing them looking either ridiculous or smug or, more often, both.}
Following up on the second sited paragraph I was thinking the same thing. The only way this product doesn’t last is because of its look. Google glass also known as Project Glass does not look fashionable at all. If they could change the way it looks and make it look cool to wear I think people would buy it on the fashion tip alone and the benefits would be a bonus.